For most installations in our region, the rain will wash the dust off the modules. However, if the PV system is in an area prone to dust and/or rain is scarce, you may consider cleaning the modules occasionally to ensure the best efficiency. It is important to remember that the module surface is glass and can be scratched which may reduce the efficiency of the module. 

If you decide that your modules need to be cleaned, make sure to do it when the weather is cool – like early morning or in the late evening, not during the heat of the day. Generally, hosing them off with a nozzle is sufficient – some pressure washers might be helpful but care must be used. We do not recommend wiping the glass on the modules as that could scratch the glass and eventually have an affect on the production. 

Please note that there are safety risks that must be considered when cleaning the modules. These may include risk of falls. However, the risks may be different for each project and therefore we cannot address them specifically.