Below are the few steps left before your solar energy system (AKA: photovoltaic or PV system) is granted Permission to Operate (PTO) from the utility and can be activated (note: the system will be placed in stand-by mode until we receive PTO):

1. We will be setting up your system account in the SolarEdge monitoring portal once we are able to establish connection with your system which should be within a couple of days

a. You will then be receiving an email from SolarEdge asking for you to accept the invitation – you will need to set up your user name and password to view your account

b. We will follow up that email to make sure you were able to find that email and complete the set-up (sometimes it goes to a spam folder).

2. We will make an appointment with the building department for a final inspection and let you know when it will be – we try to get that done within 1 week of the installation

a. We are at the mercy of the building department regarding an appointment so we appreciate your patience

b. If any part of the system is not accessible from the outside, someone may need to be home 

3. Although we will turn the PV system on to ensure it is operating and to set up monitoring, it will be left in Stand-by mode until PTO is granted – it will not be operable until then as required by the utility.

4. Once we have the approved inspection, we will submit for PTO using the Net Metering Agreement (NEM) (within 2 days)

a. You will receive an email from the utility asking for your approval and signature.

5. PTO may take up to 2 weeks to be granted – this process is completed by the utility

a. You will receive an email indicating PTO has been issued and alerting you to acceptance into the program

6. Once PTO is granted, we will send you a ‘Welcome-to-Solar’ letter.

7. After you receive your first electric utility statement, please contact your sales agent, or our office, to set up an appointment to help you understand Net Metering