Reasons: Inverter fault, communications, etc. Communication outages can be caused for a variety of reasons. A disruption in service by your internet service provider, the installation of a new modem, electrical interference by other components in your home or disruption of cellular service (for systems with cellular monitoring) are some of the reasons for a loss of monitoring.

Please follow the steps listed below to check your system before contacting West Coast Solar.

Steps to take:

1. If you have a gateway check to see that it is properly connected to a power outlet and to the router. Make sure that all the lights showing connectivity are on (The amber colored "link" light will blink every 5 seconds)(see photo).

a. Take steps to reset gateway if not connected to inverter and/or internet (hold down red button).

2. Make sure that the DC disconnect dial (black, on/off switch – see photo) and the toggle switch (see photo) are in the “on” position. Also make sure that the “solar” breaker in your main service panel or sub panel is in the “on” position (see photos).

3. Check inverter screen to see if the system shows production and connectivity (S_ok in the display – see photo) to internet or cellular network (Press the green button to turn on the screen and scroll through the menu – (see photo).

4. Check inverter for red fault light (see photo).

5. Contact us by filling out the form if step 1 does not resolve the issue or if steps 3 and 4 apply.