Sometimes the issue may be a problem with a firmware update. The components will communicate with the manufacturer to update firmware remotely. This is not always done seamlessly.

There may be an indication of an alert on the display of the inverter. If you see that, please fill alert us by filling out the form.

At times, the issue may simply be a communication issue between the system and the monitoring portal. 

A PV System is made up of high tech components. These components have helped solar energy become a mainstream solution to high energy prices by making solar electricity very efficient and, therefore, affordable.

However, we have all experienced challenges with high-tech equipment whether that was our computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, automobiles, and the list goes on. 

There are sensors built in that act as safety measures and will interrupt production as a precaution. The sensors can be sensitive. Sometimes the issue is the sensor itself – perhaps you have experienced this when a sensor activated on your car and you found out it was the sensor itself.